Best Laptop for Games


Best Laptop for Games

Best Laptop for Games

If you are heavy on gameplay or just a beginner looking to get into gaming, no laptop just does. You need a good laptop that is super-fast, has exceptional graphics, a large size hard drive and a large clear and crisp screen. So now the question is: how can you tell if you have got the best laptop for gamer that you just have the right specifications for? Well a regular or standard laptop is not usually designed to be used to play high-spec or high definition games. Gaming laptops have some design features that work well with high definition games. Some of these design features include very high-end graphics cards, high RAM capacity, strong CPUs among other features that get the best performance from a laptop. Make sure the hard drive on your gaming laptop is a great size. You will need a lot of space to store data from your gaming programs, games and other applications such as movies, documents, music, photos, etc. A good size to consider is at least 320GB.

alt="Acer predator helios"

Acer Predator Helios 300

The Acer Predator Helios 300 has the latest gaming technology, but you shouldn’t get a lot of cash for it. Its performance is on top thanks to the 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor. It has rear wheels of high speed and support for the latest graphics cards. It has a 15.6-inch screen that brings its functionality into perspective. It has full HD (1090 x 1080 pixels) resolution which means that all your games will have great color fidelity. It has no glare, and you can use it outdoors as well. This laptop comes with Predictor ins Gaming Control Panel. It introduces you to a world of customized gaming settings including personalized gaming features, control for system fan speed, CPU fan speed, and system temperature.


alt="Dell Inspiron i7577-5241 BLK Plus"

Dell Inspiron i7577-5241 BLK Plus

The Dell Inspiron i7577-5241BLK Plus is a laptop for every pro PC gamer looking for a slim notebook on the go while retaining all the cutting edge of gaming. In this price tag, we don’t expect an aluminum chassis, but Dell has done a good job employing a magnesium alloy chassis. This laptop has one of Intel’s efficient processors; i5-7300HQ. It is still high on gaming, giving you faster responses for faster gaming. You will find it exceptionally useful as you can see it at a speed of 3.5GHz. In this way, running many programs will not harm you. The price-comfort element provided by this gaming laptop is hard to beat. It is a subtle system that is more on gaming performance than aesthetics. The keyboard is a bit limited, but we can’t ask for more when you have all the other gaming specs at a reasonable price.


alt="Asus Rog"

ASUS ROG Zephyrus M GU502GU-ES003T

A GPU is required to enable gaming laptops. This ASUS gaming laptop has one of the most efficient GPUs in the form of the NVIDIA GeForce GTC 1660 Ti. This ensures that playing a fast and action-packed game like PUBG is a dream. The 6 GB VRAM prevents any lag providing gamers a great experience. This laptop has a great display unit with 15.6-inch FHD and IPS. The refresh rate of 144Hz enables great FPS gameplay. The 3ms gray-to-gray response provides crisp and clear graphics, even during intense, fast-paced matches.


Best Free PC Games You Can Play Anytime

Gaming is one of the most common sources of entertainment and having fun while in free time. There are many forms of gaming present in this industry such as Mobile gaming, console gaming, PC gaming and many more which we have mentioned in our categories as well. There are many games available on the internet or in the market which are available for free or paid. You just need to be sure what kind of games you want to play and have fun. In this article, we will find out some of the best free games pc where you will get a list of games which are amazing and most entertaining to play. Let us check out some of them below:

  • WarFrame:

Image result for WarFrame:

If you love to play action games and have a keen interest in playing high tension games then the WarFrame game will surely give you lots of adrenaline rush. This game is a combination of futuristic science fiction aesthetic games which consists of various stages or levels. It was launched in the year 2013 and has grown its popularity since then and has gained more than 26 million people around the world. The graphics of this game is simply amazing where you can customize its levels as per your PC requirements. You can also manage various settings and also manage certain customizations as per your need.

  • World Of Tanks:

Image result for World Of Tanks:

For the love of those gamers who wish to play astonishing naval battle games with a lot of action and adventure then the world of tanks will be the best choice for best free games pc in this list. You will find various armoured destroyers from America, England, Germany, France and other parts of the country. One of the most favourable destroyers of this game are Tanks, there are different kinds of Tanks which has its individual powers and features of destroying enemies. The graphics of this game are one of the best in the market which can also be customized as per the users need.

  • War Thunder:

Image result for War Thunder:

Again one of the most adventurous game on the internet which can be played for free, the War Thunder is a game which is set on the theme of World War II. It is a combat-oriented flight simulator game that lets the player operate a fighter plane from the cockpit. You simply need to destroy enemies base camps along with other fighter planes to win the battle.

We hope the above-mentioned list of best free games pc has helped you find out some of the best games in the industry. We wish to see you again with more interesting articles.